Operation Get Fit: Diet is 80% of the Fitness Journey

They say diet is 80% of the journey to a healthier lifestyle, and I’m definitely learning this isn’t just a myth trainers tell you.

Keep in mind, for the past 3 years I’ve done a complete 180 with my diet.

I went from eating cake, ice cream, fast food, and loads of bread every week to focusing on cleaner, leaner meals with plenty of fruits and veggies.

Having said that, I haven’t cut these bad foods out entirely from my life. I still swipe a couple cookies here and there (okay…maybe 4), or indulge in a slice of pizza.

When I started this challenge, I decided I wasn’t going to allow myself any cheat meals this month.

And honestly, cutting yourself off is a recipe for disaster.

My Mind’s Telling Me No, But Those Cookies Are Telling Me Yes!

Fun fact: I’m a carb queen.

If it’s doughy, cheesy, or straight up sugary…it’s going in my mouth.

I’ve learned to cut back and enjoy these foods in moderation, but this challenge has brought forth some serious withdrawals.

It was especially bad on days where foods like muffins, potatoes, and bread rolls were brought into the office.

A plate of chocolate chip cookies. Not great if you're on a diet!

Not that I could sneak a nibble anyway, the entire HQ made sure I was sticking to my diet. I was even forced to relinquish a bread roll I was hiding.

It was tragic.

And going out to eat is a whole other battle. We’ve all been there – you’re sitting a table with your friends, laughing, having a great time.

Then the waiter comes over to take your order.

One friend picks the double bacon cheese burger, another goes for the buffalo wings with extra ranch. And you…you order the salad with a tall glass of water.

Dressing on the side.

It’s moments like these where I realize how much work I still need to do in terms of my diet. I thought I was eating clean before, but I started to notice just how many times I “treat myself” every week.

Moderation > Cancellation

The problem isn’t indulging in the foods you love, the problem is the quantity. If you stick to clean, healthy meals all week and pick one day to cut loose a little, your body isn’t going to suddenly blow up.

But a cookie on Tuesday, a small piece of cake on Thursday, and a burrito on Saturday will certainly stagger your progress.

It’s not realistic to cut these foods out of your life entirely, it’s just not.

A group of women training along with their healthy diet

Otherwise you’ll find yourself up at 2 a.m sitting on the kitchen floor eating ice cream out of the container.

(This may or may not be based on a true story…)

This journey has allowed me to be more self-aware about what I’m putting into my body. And despite the struggle of denying my beloved carbs, I feel better than ever!

If you missed my last blog post, click here to read on! What’s your favorite cheat meal? Let me know in the comments below!

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