Why Fit Body Boot Camp Gyms Cost More Then Other Gyms

When most people shopping for a gym first discover the average cost of a Fit Body Boot Camp membership, they’re almost always surprised. To an entirely new person who is familiar with only big box gym prices, Boot Camp prices look crazy.

And it’s true, when compared to traditional gym memberships Fit Body Boot Camp prices are significantly higher.jori But that isn’t because we’re miserly here or because our locations are trying to rip everyone off. In fact, while we may cost a bit more money, we offer exceedingly more value than any box gym.

Why? Because we aren’t selling the Fit Body Boot Camp facilities. We aren’t even charging for our services, equipment, trainers— nope. While we obviously need money to fund and operate all of these systems, they aren’t what our clients are actually purchasing.

We’re selling results. Our clients are purchasing outcomes.

But the only way we can produce incredible outcomes and results is by offering specialized services and these services incur costs that don’t exist at big box gyms.

To make this clearer, I’m going to explain our price differences by breaking down our business model and comparing it with that of a traditional big box gym.

When I’m done, you will see why our guaranteed results require a certain price point. And you’ll see why so many thousands of people have absolutely no problem with paying a premium for it.

To start, I’m going to show you where the money is really coming from and going to in a box gym.

The Numbers

andra67% of Americans with gym memberships never actually use the facilities for which they pay each and every month. That means, at any given gym, the staff, equipment, maintenance and facilities need only be designed and maintained to accommodate 33% of the total number of paying customers.

In case you didn’t catch that, costs associated with accommodating just one-third of all members are born by everyone with a contract and a payment plan. That’s how they can make it so cheap, because two thirds of all the people paying monthly fees are actually just doing a huge favor for the third who uses the gym.

In sharp contrast to that model, it is very rare for Fit Body Boot Camp members to continue paying without ever attending their workout sessions. In other words, everyone paying for boot camp is using it. And accommodating all that use incurs costs, costs which are not alleviated by huge numbers of paying clients who never come in to use our services.

If big gyms actually needed to accommodate everyone on their contracts (which is what we do) they would be three times the size, full of twice the machines and would cost significantly more— way more than boot camp.

But it’s more than just a numbers game.

Services and Facilities

Fit Body Boot Camp’s core purpose is to deliver results – whereas membership driven box gyms simply give you access to equipment. Since the FBBC program is about delivering results and not just granting access to exercise equipment, the price is naturally higher.

Logistically, fiscally, and operationally, there is a significant difference between offering access and providing Post 10individualized fitness training and nutritional guidance that delivers fantastic results.

The standard layout for most large gyms is row after row of cardio machines, weight racks, and class schedules. It’s carefully designed to be a ‘do it yourself model’ because that is the most inexpensive model available to big gyms.

We take exactly the opposite approach.

Our Afterburn workouts, while extremely effective, would be impossible without the guidance of a certified trainer leading the group workout session. Our memberships come standard with individualized nutritional consultations, monthly weigh-ins, measurements, and fitness evaluations. Personal attention, accountability and motivation is standard practice at Fit Body Boot Camp and that’s what keeps our clients coming in, workout out, eating right, and getting results.

This model is what defines our business and is the foundation of our Unstoppable Fitness Formula™. But developing effective workouts that are updated daily and employing certified fitness professional that help clients avoid injury and maximize results all costs additional assets— costs that don’t exist at the do-it-yourself gyms.

That’s part of the reason why we are required to charge more for our memberships.

The Personal Support

It isn’t only our trainers and workouts that require us to charge more, it’s the intense level of involvement that we have in our clients’ fitness journeys.

Post 14Intense workouts, total body transformations, accomplishing goals, making changes to one’s lifestyle, these are all exceptionally emotional events that take place each day within Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide. Our clients are not just burning some extra calories, they are working with us to become entirely new people. This makes it essential to offer the emotional support clients need as they navigate these challenging periods of transition and transformation.

This is why we workout in groups, so clients can form friendships and supportive relationships that encourage progression and continued adherence to our program. It’s also why we encourage our owners and trainers to get actively involved with our clients’ fitness journeys. When an individual misses a session, seems to be struggling or looks as if they are on the brink of quitting, we’ve got support systems, accountability, and follow up processes in place to encourage, assist, and motivate our clients back into the program.

Now, it is true that many gyms offer personal training or sometimes even group training classes. First of all, if you’ve ever looked into purchasing these programs, you would know that they are way more expensive than a boot camp membership. So the Boot Camp value is obviously there. But even these supposedly ‘personalized’ services offered by gyms can’t afford to provide the kind of emotional or social support our clients find at Fit Body Boot Camp.

The Verdict

We don’t put in all this added effort just because we care (which we certainly do) but we provide these extra emotional support systems because they help keep people on track to the results they are expecting us to deliver.

All of this concentrated, specialized attention, with the fitness and nutritional instruction, guarantees incredible Post 11results. The intense workouts and specialized equipment deliver even faster results. The emotional support makes sure our clients work hard and get results. Our certified trainers help generate client results. The group sessions foster interpersonal relationships that encourage groups of individuals to work together to produce better results.

Yes, all of these added features increase our costs, but they allow us to produce amazing results and outcomes for our clients.

So the next time someone says, “Boot Camp is so expensive,” you can reply saying, “I’m not paying for Boot Camp, I’m paying for a total life transformation.” I think you will find that no one can argue that improving your life and health is too expensive.

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