Client Spotlight: Tara and Sandra


We’re back with another Client Spotlight, a monthly spot where we honor our clients and how much amazing progress that they’ve made in their fitness journeys! Today we’ll be looking at Victorville, California. Our two clients are Tara and Sandra, both of who offer some great advice to anyone unsure about starting their fitness journey.

Tara has been a member of Victorville for 4 months and has found herself a new perspective on life.

“Now that I’m going to boot camp regularly I’m stronger and more outgoing, I have more confidence in myself from a day-to-day basis.”

When asked what her motivation was for joining Fit Body Boot Camp Tara had a simple answer:

transform insta“I wanted to lose the baby weight.”

And boot camp has made a continuous difference in her life.

“Fit Body Boot Camp has made me realize that being fit is an important part of my life. I now realize that exercise is a part of my daily life and I won’t stop achieving my goals. If I can stay fit I can have a long and healthy life, so I’ve implemented it into my daily routine now. My goals now are to be lean and fit with a body fat percentage under 25%.”

When asked for words of advice for anyone new to the weight loss circuit, Tara had some inspiring words:

“Don’t think negative about yourself. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Make sure you stay positive and surrounded by positive people and don’t be your biggest critic.”

If there’s one thing we always offer to our Family members it’s a positive environment with encouraging people to surround yourself with. Tara agrees that Victorville FBBC has given her just what she needed to accomplish her goals.

Our next client is Sandra, who has been a member of Victorville FBBC since August of 2015.

“I’ve lost 17lb, 9.2 inches, and 3.2% body fat since joining boot camp. I was 210lb in Fitbody Bootcamp2013 when I started my fitness journey. But only Fit Body Boot Camp was finally able to give me the results I was looking for.” 

Sandra also had a simple answer for why she signed up for Fit Body Boot Camp last year:

“I wanted to get stronger and lose inches.”

And she has! Sandra continues to attend Victorville in order to keep meeting her goal to lose more inches and gain more muscle mass. She claims that Fit Body Boot Camp has made a huge difference in her life and confidence levels.

“I love it! I’m stronger and have more energy. And now I enjoy having my picture taken whereas before I would hide. I feel amazing. Now my goal is to get down to 25% body fat and continue to get stronger. I’m not stopping now.”

Sandra also has some words of advice to offer who might feel how she used to before starting her fitness journey.

“It takes time, so take it a day at a time. Make little changes and before you know it you will be smaller and stronger and dropping sizes like crazy. Fit Body Boot Camp will change your life!”

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