Client Spotlight: Anna, Annie & Chris

We’re back with another Client Spotlight. This time the spotlight falls on The Woodlands in Texas.

Once a month we showcase clients and the amazing journeys they’ve experienced on their way to a fit and healthy life. This month we’re going to take a look at three clients from The Woodlands Post 22and sky rocketing self-confidence! I’ve set and achieved fitness and nutrition goals. I played a season of full tackle football and am considering competing in master class for fitness and figure. I run over 3 miles almost daily (long distance has never been my strong suit), and am lifting weights for the first time, too. I’m working towards being leaner, stronger and faster everyday.”

Anna manages a gymnastics center located near another Fit Body Boot Camp location owned in Spring, TX. She said this is what started her on the path to fitness.

“My life now centers around fitness and nutrition. Strangers asking about how they can look like me constantly approach me. My goals are to keep dropping even more body fat to prepare for a fitness or figure show. I also hope to complete a tough mudder in 2016 and be a hot mom everyday!”

When asked if she had any advice for individuals just starting out on their fitness journey, she had some wise words to share.

“Slow and steady WINS! Make good choices everyday. Keep moving. Think lean protein/complex carb/healthy fat. Push harder and faster than you thought you could. Always remember form and posture in every movement. Share love and be light!”

Definitely some words to remember if you’re just getting started on your own journey into the world of health and fitness!

Our next client is Annie Diaz who says she’s never felt more energized since starting Fit Body Boot Camp over a year ago.

“I’m down 28 lb. and I’ve also become more confident in how I feel, dress, even speak to others. Getting into shape has also helped sparked new goals & aspirations for myself! I was tired of being lazy, tired, & depressed all the time. I have more energy, I have the want to get in some sort of daily exercise, and I love leading a healthier life.”

Like Anna, Annie also shares a dream of competing in the fitness circuit and inspiring others.Fitbody Bootcamp

“I want to drop 10-15 more lb. and gain strength and muscle. I look forward to competing in something once I reach those goals, whether it be physique or powerlifting or racing. I just know that I want to be a further inspiration to others out there!”

Annie had some passionate words for anyone just getting started in the fitness world.

“Don’t give up! Be kind and have patience with yourself. Surround yourself with like-minded people that will not only push you but also hold you accountable. I was depressed, felt like I had lost myself, and was lacking a lot of self-confidence. I was my own worst enemy. I tore myself down constantly but didn’t do anything to help myself. Then I found FBBC! The people there were not only healthy and inspiring, but had also gone through some sort of journey themselves. They knew what it took and that it was possible. They were willing to help me get where I wanted and continue to want to be! I can honestly say FBBC helped save my life!”

And Annie isn’t the only one in her family to feel this way. Her husband, Chris Diaz, is also an attendee of Fit Body Boot Camp.

“I’ve lost 30 lb. and 19 inches. I’ve also gained more confidence in myself as well as making better eating choices and trying to work out daily.”

The Diaz couple started to support each other the way the Fit Body Family does when they push one another to be their best selves.

“I started attending to be healthier and to help support my wife. I have more energy in my daily routine and make a more conscientious effort to have better eating and exercise habits. In the future I would like to complete a 15k challenge run and become a personal trainer.”

Chris would like to share the following message with new attendees:

“Don’t stand in your own way. Allow yourself to improve slowly and steadily to assure yourself lasting results.”

If you’re in the Woodlands, TX area be sure to check out the Woodlands Fit Body Boot Camp and get started on your own journey or visit to find the location nearest to you!

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