Do Alcohol and Fitness Mix?

What’s the first question most people ask when they decide to lose weight?

“Can I still drink alcohol?”

It’s a complicated question, one without a straightforward answer. We all can agree that drinking on the daily probably isn’t the best thing for your liver and belly. But what about a drink here and there?

Let’s talk about it.


The Case Against Drinking

Ok, so what exactly can drinking do to you? It can tear your liver to shreds. It adds belly fat that your waistline doesn’t need. And if you drink a little too much, that next morning hangover could prevent you from maintaining a consistent workout routine.Fitbody Bootcamp

Think of drinking as a calorie and carb dump. Even if someone eats well, they’re sabotaging their progress with every drink. One or two drinks might not hurt, but once drinking becomes a staple of their diet, it can really throw them off track.


The Case For Drinking

So is it case closed? Not quite. Drinking does have its health perks.

Wine, for instance, offers anti-aging benefits that you might not get elsewhere. There are also low-carb beers that offer a healthier alternative to regular beer.

Many people enjoy alcohol in moderation and still get the results they want. You just have to know what your limit is!


So…What’s the Verdict?

So should you slash drinking completely out of your diet? Well, it’s up to you.

One drink won’t kill your diet, and drinking in moderation won’t derail you either. Just be aware of what you put into your body. If a drink is high in sugar or carbs or calories, you might want to avoid it completely.Fitbody Bootcamp

Again, know your limits—and never test them! Remember, the less alcohol you drink, the quicker you’ll get that body you’ve always wanted.

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