Tips to Boost Your Metabolism Before the Big Holiday Feast

It’s the final countdown…

To Christmas, that is! Only 11 more days until Santa packs up his sleigh to deliver the goods!

Too bad he can’t deliver 6 pack abs in his big red bag, right?

The holidays are hectic – between buying gifts and planning family visits, it can be easy to let our health fall to the wayside a bit and indulge in all the comforting treats of the season.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a post telling you not to enjoy any of the stuffing and gravy.

Today, we’re going to share with you how you can boost your metabolism BEFORE the holiday eating begins.

That’s right, you can get your body ready to ingest and burn those calories even quicker to avoid the post-holiday bloat.

Don’t Forget Breakfast!

Not just any breakfast, don’t skip out on a nutritionally packed breakfast!

Eating a couple of chocolate donuts in the morning doesn’t quite have the same effect as eating a bowl of oatmeal with berries or a spinach omelette with whole wheat toast.

a healthy breakfast will boost your metabolism and curb holiday cravings

Feeding your body first thing in the morning gets your metabolism up and ready to give you energy for the day.

And having a protein rich breakfast before the big meal will keep you full longer and eliminate the temptation to go back for thirds and fourths.

Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals

A lot of people tend to eat much less when they’re gearing up to go ham on a big plate of…well, ham.

However, when you starve yourself, your body is holding onto fat rather than burning it in order to fuel the body. And that’s the fat that ain’t going anywhere.

Eating smaller, frequent meals keeps you satisfied, alert, energetic, and prevents you from losing self-control and doubling up on portion sizes.

Drink Up

When your body is dehydrated, your metabolism slows down.

Plus, most of the time when you feel like you’re hungry, you’re actually just dehydrated. Next time you feel the tummy grumbles, opt for a tall glass of water and see if you suddenly feel satisfied.

drink water to control cravings and speed up metabolism

Pro tip: drinking cold water burns more calories trying to heat the water to your body temperature.

Before your Christmas dinner, drink water to create a sensation of being fuller so that you don’t overfill your plate.

You can even throw in some green tea for an extra metabolism boost! Green tea has ben found to include catechin,

Hit those HIIT Workouts!

You guessed it! FBBC to the rescue!

Our high intensity afterburn workouts will keep burning calories hours after you finish your session.

Because of the supercharged level of activity, your metabolism will be kicked into high gear and burn those calories fast.

The more times a week you come in to your local FBBC, the more you’ll burn.

working out before the holidays to boost metabolism!

And the more you burn, the better your chances of escaping the holiday belly bulge the next day.

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Go forth and share this knowledge with your friends and family to keep them on track with you!

You can even leave a note out for Santa, he’ll need the extra metabolism boost after eating millions of cookies and milk in one night.

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