How to Avoid the Halloween “Fat Trap”

The scariest part of Halloween comes after the trick-or-treating, the costumes, and the haunted houses…

It’s…ghostly weight gain!!

This weight gain sneaks up on unsuspecting Halloween-goers that fill their houses to the brim with candy. November 1st, November 2nd, November 3rd, they might take one or two candy pieces out of the bowl sitting in the dining room…

A week later, they notice that their energy level has dropped. Worse, they can’t seem to lose any weight, even if they’re at the gym 24/7.

Then they put two and two together…and they realize that all those innocent trips to the candy bowl really weren’t so innocent after all…

That extra fat starts to really spook them out…call this the “fat trap.”

Don’t let candy put an extra gut in your side this week. Let’s see how you can enjoy Halloween and keep your diet on track, no problem.


Keep only the fun-sized candy

Want to stop yourself from munching on an unhealthy amount of candy? There’s a simple trick that can keep you away from all the treats…Fitbody Bootcamp

Most stores sell small, bite-sized versions of candy that are “fun sized” that you can eat with less guilt (and sugar). Not only are these perfect to give out in bulk, but they allow you to indulge in your cravings without derailing your diet.

Try to get rid—or give out—all of those “king sized” candy bars that infiltrate your bloodstream with loads of sugar.

Now the tricky part comes with the psychology behind this method. Some people might be tempted to eat a lot of “fun-sized” candy pieces because they “won’t really do much to me anyways.”

They. Add. Up.

Chocolate and candy should be a special treat, not a daily ritual. Show some discipline and you’ll see it pay off in results!


Come up with a rewards system

One way to space out your candy intake is to make up a rewards system for yourself—preferably some that have to do with fitness.

You could reward yourself with a piece of candy for every 40 burpees you can do or every time you hit the gym or boot camp.

So will your fitness progress suffer with all this candy going down your gullet? Again, it depends. If you eat them in moderation, you’ll be fine, so try not to reward yourself every time you do something positive in the gym/boot camp.


Kick that bowl to the curb!

Fitbody BootcampYou see a bowl of candy. What is your first reaction?

Take one. Then maybe another later. Then one more for good measure.

It’s tempting to take a handful of candy when it’s placed right in front of you. So how do you cut down on the sugar rush? Keep those bowls as far away as possible!

An easy way to do this is to give all your candy to a friend to hold on to for you. They control how much you eat, and if they’re really a great friend, they’ll make sure you don’t eat everything all at once.

Once more, moderation is key! Eat responsibly.


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