Are you interested in the MOST effective fat loss method?

Are you interested in the MOST effective fat loss method?

Of course you are. After all, that’s why you may even go to a Calgary NW personal trainer.

You want them to solve your fat loss problem (and it’d be cool if they could solve ALL your problems ;), but the fat loss problem is a relatively easy fix if you and your trainer stick to what’s scientifically proven.

Hi, I’m Shawna K of Calgary NW Boot Camp and I want to tell you about a few ways to burn fat. There are mainly two ways to go about it.

The least effective fat burning workout is steady state cardio. This is what you see whenever you walk into a conventional gym: an acre of stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers row upon row in front of televisions. People slog away while they read a magazine, watch TV, talk on the phone, text, talk to their neighbor. You see any number of ‘multi-tasking activities’ being done while people supposedly ‘workout’.

The fact is that with this kind of workout you will burn calories while you workout, and a minimal amount at that, but the calorie burning stops when the workout stops. Not only is this a boring and time consuming method of fat loss, studies show that it’s ineffective and that its documented that some people actually GAIN weight doing this due to increased appetite but not an increase in metabolism or lean muscle tone.

Is there a better way?

Thankfully, YES. And the beauty of this next fat burning workout is that it’s short. In fact there are way more benefits to just the decreased length of the workout, I’ll outline them next.

The MOST effective fat burning workout incorporates strength training and HIIT (short for ‘high intensity interval training’). This sort of workout is twofold in it’s effectiveness:

First of all, strength training increases lean muscle tone. Muscle is metabolically active so the naturally will increase metabolism even at rest. The client with more muscle will burn more calories even doing nothing. Get that client moving and the calorie burning is exponentially increased compared to the client with less muscle.

Next, HIIT increases lactic acid production. When you train and get that ‘burn’ in the muscles, your body is training anaerobically and producing lactic acid which is a precursor to GH or growth hormone. GH helps the body burn fat more effectively.

Between an increase in lean muscle which increases metabolism and increase in naturally occurring GH, a workout that includes strength training and HIIT is a win-win!

Make sure that your program includes HIIT and strength training in your fitness plan for maximum fat loss.

An great option is to try FIt Body Boot camp. These workouts utilize the most effective methods in a 30-40 minute format so you’ll have a quick, fun and fat burning workout in no time flat.

For more info on how YOU can take advantage of this scientifically proven workout, head to Calgary NW Boot Camp or a Fit Body Boot Camp near you.

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