8 Exercise Ball Workouts to Try at Home

Have you ever seen giant balls scattered around a work out facility or at boot camps and weren’t sure what they their purpose was? Or maybe you’ve recently jumped on the Exercise Ball train and are unsure of how to properly insert it into your workout routine?

We’re going to open you up to the world of Exercise Balls and how great they are to enhance any exercise routine.

Exercise Balls are used as a way to add difficulty to many workouts, as well as helping people who might have injuries to take weight off of injured areas while completing exercises. Adding Exercise Balls helps improve stability since you have to utilize your core and other muscles to stay balanced where normally those muscles wouldn’t be used during certain exercises.

Below we’re going to go over some great exercises that utilize an Exercise Ball you can try at home.

Side view of woman doing half bridge pose in fitness studio practices piltes or yoga warming up exercises for spine, backbend, strengthening back musclesLower Ab Curls

Start by lying on the floor with your calves resting on the Exercise Ball in front of you. Lift yourself off the ground so your back is straight and your arms are supporting you and your hips off the ground. Slowly, while keeping your hips up and abs tight, roll the ball towards yourself until your feet rest flat on it. Roll the ball back into starting position and repeat.

Ball Crunch 

This is a classic exercise enhanced by the exercise ball’s addition. Lie on top of the ball, keeping your abs tight to stay balanced. Curl your body forward, making sure to breathe in on the curl and out when uncurling. Make sure your lower back is resting on the ball throughout the workout.

Wall Squats

This workout is meant to target your quads. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent slightly. Place the exercise ball between your lower back and the wall and begin to lower yourself down into a squat position. Stop when the ball reaches the shoulder blades and stand back up slowly.

Ball Lunge

Stand with the exercise ball behind you and your feet shoulder width apart. Bring one leg back to rest the top of your foot on the ball. Bend both knees into a lunge making sure not to let your front knee go over your toes. Repeat with the opposite leg. 


Another classic workout enhanced by an exercise ball. You’re going to do a plank, however, you will be placing your forearms on the exercise ball in front you. Keep your abs tights as you hold the position and breathe through the exercise.

Shoulder Curl

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the exercise ball in front of you without Post 30bending your elbows. Curl your arms until the ball is eye-level and then lower it back down. Breathe in when lifting the ball and out while lowering it. For added exercise you can continue the motion into a shoulder press.

Shoulder Press

Start with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the exercise in front of you. Lift the ball to eye level with your elbows bent. Lift the ball up and away from your body. Lower the ball back to eye level and repeat. This move can also be added on to the Shoulder Curl for an extended movement.

Push Up

Add some balance to a classic push up by adding an Exercise Ball. Rest the tops of your feet and lower shins on top of the ball and walk your upper body out until you’re in the starting position for a push up. Bend the elbows and lower your upper body towards the floor slowly, breathing out.

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