8 Bodyweight Exercises That Won’t Take Staying Home as an Excuse

We understand, life happens. Some days you just can’t make it to the gym. Your car broke down, the weather is bad, your child is sick, or your one-on-one trainer is taking a much-needed vacation (at Fit Body Boot Camp we always have someone there to exercise with you, you’re not getting off that easy.)

Rather than use these as excuses to skip your workout, use them as reasons to try a fitness routine in your own living room. The best exercises to do in a small space and with little to no equipment are bodyweight exercises. You can easily burn calories, work up a sweat, and get a full-body workout using only your bodyweight for resistance. And the best part about bodyweight exercises is that there’s no equipment needed!

The next time you’re stuck at home or just want to burn calories while watching your favorite television show, try these bodyweight exercises, alternating between upper body, lower body, and core.

Wide Squat

Add a little more resistance to a classic squat. Instead of standing widesquatwith your legs shoulder-width apart you’re going to extend them out further so that your legs make a wide “V” as if you were doing a jumping jack. Now squat down, and make sure to go past the 90-degree angle in your knees. Get as low as you can before standing back up. Breathe deeply.

Alternating Power Skip High Skip

Start standing with your legs shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself so that you’re kneeling on your right knee with the left knee at a 90-degree angle. Keep your left arm at your side and touch the ground with your right hand. Push yourself up so that your right knee is hip height and your left leg is extended, pushing you off the ground as if skipping. Swing your right arm back and left arm up for momentum. Repeat and alternate sides.

180-Degree Twist Burpee Pushup

You know how much we love burpees at Fit Body Boot Camp, they’re a great form of bodyweight exercises that get the heart pumping and target multiple muscles at once. If you don’t know how to do a burpee yet, don’t worry, we’ll explain. Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Jump down into a pushup position and then complete a pushup, making sure to keep your body straight and abs tight. Explode back up from the ground, and as you jump twist so you’re facing the opposite direction. Repeat the movement, twisting back and forth from one side to the other.

Alternating Jack Knife Sit Up

Let’s target that core now. Lay on the ground with your arms at your sides and your legs flat. Make sure to engage your abs as you lift your right leg up, keeping the leg as straight as possible. At the same time use your left arm to reach for your toe. Return to the starting position, and then repeat with the opposite leg and arm.

Side-to-Side Plank

Begin in a plank position on your elbows. Be sure to keep your core and glutes tight. You’re going to roll yourself over onto your right elbow and foot, placing your left hand on your hip. Keep your body straight, not letting your hip touch the ground. Hold for 5 seconds. Roll back to the middle and then onto your left side.

curtseylungeCurtsey Lunge

Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart. Bring your right foot behind your body and to the left, crossing it behind yourself. Lower yourself into a lunge position, with your right knee touching the ground and your left knee at a 90-degree angle. Return to start and alternate sides.

Inchworm Walkout Pushup

Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend forward and place your hands on the ground. You’re going to walk your hands out in front of you, extending your body until you’re in a push-up position. Lower yourself into a push-up and then walk yourself back until you can stand up again. Be sure to engage your core to keep your balance throughout the process.

One Leg RDL

Start standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly you’re going to lift your left leg behind you, keeping your leg straight. Bend forward at the same time. Your body should make a “T” shape. Stand back up and lower your leg into starting position. Repeat with the opposite leg.


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