8 Battle Rope Exercises That Will Make You Break a Sweat

Remember the good old days when you would jump rope at school with your friends and make up silly rhymes? Ever wish you could return to those simple times?

Well, we don’t have a time machine, but we do have some great battle rope workouts that will make you feel strong and give you a great workout. And you can add rhymes to them too, if you want, we don’t judge.

Battle ropes are long, heavy ropes that can vary in size and weight. You probably won’t have them in your home, but it’s good to know some great exercises you can do with them next time you come across them.

Normally you can find battle ropes anchored to walls at boot camps or even in some gyms. Because of the weight on them you’re adding resistance to your routine, which helps tone up your arms, abs, legs, glutes and more! The best part is that, while these add resistance for a more intense workout, they don’t strain the body the way a high-impact exercise would.

Let’s go over some battle rope workouts you can try yourself.


For this exercise you’re going to start with your feet shoulder-width apart and the ropes in front of you. Bend your knees into a squat position, making sure your knees don’t go in front of your toes. Hold your hands with your palms facing one another and clutch the battle ropes between them. Swing the ropes from side to side, making it look like a giant snake on the floor. Sway your upper body with the movements, but try to keep your feet in place.

side-to-sideSide-to-Side Slams

Start in the same position as the Snakes, holding the ropes between your hands and squatting down. Raise the ropes to head-height and then quickly slam them back down to hit the floor. Alternate so that you go from the right of your body to the left of your body. You can add a third movement in the middle for transition to lessen any strain on your muscles.

Alternating Arm Ripples and Squats

For this exercise you’re going to start in the squat position with both ropes in front of you. Quickly raise and lower your arms in small movements, creating alternating ripples in the ropes as you do. Once you’ve found a good rhythm straighten your knees and then bend them again, completing a squat. If the additional movement is too difficult, simply do the arm ripples and hold the squat position.

Over-the-Shoulder Alternating Ripples

For this one you’re going to sit on the ground facing away from the anchor points for the ropes. Have your legs out in front of you, feet on the ground. Bend your elbows so that you’re holding the ropes behind your head, palms facing one another. Alternately ripple the ropes up and down in small motions over your shoulders.

Rope Claps

The name says it all. You’re going to start in a squat with the ropes in front of you, palms facing each other. Bring your hands together as if you’re clapping, keeping your elbows bent and back straight.

Lateral Jump Squat SlamsUntitled-2

This exercise adds a little more movement to your workout. Start in a squat position with the ropes held together in front of you. You’re going to complete a simultaneous rope slam and lateral jump squat. For the jump squat you’re going to launch yourself from side to side, landing in a squat before continuing the motion. As you jump, you’re going to raise the ropes to eye-level and slam them to the ground when you land.


This workout combines jumping jacks with battle ropes. You’re going to do the jumping jack motion and hold one rope in each hand. Bring the ropes together above your head and between your legs in a squat.

burpeealternateslamsBurpee Alternating Slams

What Fit Body workout wouldn’t be complete without some burpees involved? For this one you’re going to do alternating slams into a burpee. First start in the squat position with one rope in each hand in front of you. Alternate as you raise one arm up and bring the other one down. Complete four slams and then drop down into a push-up position. Quickly propel yourself back into starting position and repeat.

If you’d like to learn more about battle ropes go to fitbodybootcamp.com to find the location nearest to you. Our trainers are always ready to help you learn more about exercises like these and more.

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