6 Burpee Workouts (and how one Fit Body Boot Camp did 2,000)

You’ve probably heard of them, these ‘burpees’. Trainers love them, the clients of those trainers curse them, and even groups like the military utilize them in training.

So, let’s talk burpees and the positive effect they can have on your body and mind.

Before we get into burpees and a few workouts you can do involving them, let’s do a follow up. A few weeks ago we did can driveThey ended the event with 2,000 cans.


Now, imagine those trainers who had to do 2,000 burpees! Their clients are probably feeling a little bad for them (but not really, it was for charity after all!)

The Carmel community just proves that coming together can make something amazing things happen, and we look forward to seeing how this event grows next year!

In the past we did a post with Fitbody Bootcampburn a lot of calories and speed up your metabolism, which means your body will keep burning calories even when you’re done working out!

Not only are they a full body strength training exercise that requires no equipment to complete, but burpees also promote conditioning and endurance because of the way they involve quick bursts of movement that push your body. They’re a great way to condition your body for any fitness goals you may have.

Let’s go over some different types of burpees you can do at home.

Traditional Burpee

If you don’t know how to do a run-of-the-mill burpee then you won’t be able to do all of the extra movement that can get tacked on. So, you’re going to start standing straight up with your arms at your sides. Then, quickly jump down into the push-up position with your arms straight. Quickly pull your legs back up towards your chest so you end up in a frog-like pose. Then you’re going to propel yourself upwards, using your arms to reach for the ceiling. Repeat this in quick bursts, trying to jump as high as possible, but don’t go so fast you burn out either!

With Pushup

Just like a traditional burpee, go from the standing position and jump down into the push-up pose. This time you will complete a push up before bringing your legs back up and jumping into the air. If you want you can even challenge yourself by trying to add more pushups every burpee you complete.

With Spiderman Pushup

burpeespiderOh, that push up didn’t add enough for you? Well, here’s something more challenging, then. Again, do a burpee up to the push up position. This time you’re going to extend one leg out to the side of you, bending the knee and keeping everything parallel to the floor. Hold this position and lower yourself down for a pushup. Repeat on the other side and complete the burpee.

With Mountain Climbers

For this one you will do a burpee until you reach the push up position. Once there do 10 mountain climbers before continuing the burpee. To do a mountain climber, keep one leg straight while pulling the other one up towards your chest. Rapidly switch your legs back and forth with a small jump between.

With Plank Jacksburpeejack

Complete a burpee up to the push up position. Now you’re going to jump and land with your legs spread out and then quickly jump back into the plank position. You can do this multiple times or only once depending on how hard you’re pushing yourself. Now go ahead and complete the burpee.

With High Knees

Before starting the burpee, you are going to do 10 high knees, making sure to stay light on your toes and quickly bring your knee up to hip height. Then, continue with a traditional burpee, but instead of jumping into the air at the end, go straight into high knees.

Burpees are a great work out, and utilizing any or all of these into your daily routine will help you burn calories and get your heart pumping. At Fit Body Boot Camp we regularly use burpees to round out a great exercise routine. If you’re interested, check out our website and we can show you the power of Peace, Love, Burpees!

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