5 Benefits to Using Resistance Bands

The resistance band is a very useful piece of exercise equipment that’s used in most fitness centers and boot camps today. Using the resistance band in your workouts is a great way to help you increase your range of motion and movement as well as build muscle. They work by making your body work harder on the areas where the bands are attached and by causing tiny muscle tears for your body to repair and build more muscle.

UplandBootCamp1Resistance bands are so versatile that they can be incorporated into virtually any type of fitness training such as cardio, endurance, and strength training to help you get a better, more effective workout, which is why they’re a favorite among boot camps across the U.S. and beyond.

This inexpensive piece of exercise equipment is an excellent solution for those of you who travel a lot and or for anyone who likes to take their boot camp workouts home with them.

Read on to find out why the San Diego boot camp loves them so much.

Easily Adapts to All Fitness Levels

Resistance bands are excellent at getting people from all different fitness levels to challenge themselves in a way that won’t overwhelm them. They come in a variety of resistances like light, medium, and heavy, which allows you to take it easy or give yourself a challenge. You can even double up on your bands to increase the resistance if you find yourself wanting a little more.

Can Be Used With Other Exercise Equipment

Though they work great on their own, you can combine resistance bands with other exercise equipment like weights and dumbbells to give your body a more solid workout (especially if you’re wanting to sculpt and tone, or build muscle). Performing an exercise like a bicep curl with both a resistance band and a dumbbell will deliver the combined benefits of each type of equipment.

Helps With Injury Recovery and Prevention

Even though resistance bands are widely used at fitness centers and boot camps, they were first used in sports medicine for the purpose of injury prevention and recovery. When you’re fitness training, you are ultimately trying to work your isolated muscles and weight machines are won’t always allow for that. When you strengthen your underused muscles, you’re actually helping to prevent injuries in the future.

When you have an injury, resistance bands can help you to heal faster by allowing you to exercise isolated muscles without compromising the areas of your body that are hurt. Exercising the injury-free parts of your body helps you to increase your blood circulation- and that is what’s going to help you speed up your recovery.


You Can Take It With You

One way to incorporate resistance bands into your workouts when you’re away from boot camp is to use them in familiar bodyweight exercises like the squat, the pushup, and any other of your favorite exercises. You’re still able to get a full-body workout in and you don’t even have to find a gym to do it. Resistance bands make a convenient on-the-go workout tool.

Delivers an Effective Workout

Moving against resistance is the key to sculpting and toning your body and resistance bands are excellent at making sure you’re doing just that. They’re capable of delivering an intense full-body workout comparable to what you’d get out of spending hours in a gym on heavy equipment or a light to moderate exercise routine to get you going when you need it most.

Overall, resistance bands offer a huge range of benefits whether you’re on the go or you just want to kick up your exercise routine up a bit. But if you’re the type to cheat during your home workouts or you know you’re not getting enough exercise in general, then remember to check out the boot camp in San Diego. They’ll guide you through each and every workout, showing you the proper form and techniques you’ll need to get the body you’ve always wanted.

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