Three Ways to Still Lose Weight While Dining Out

Whether it’s Friday night with the girls or you’re too tired to cook after a long day at the office, you’ll most likely be dining out at some point.

Eating at restaurants is more than just getting a meal served to your table, it’s one of the best ways we socialize with our friends and family.

You may think you have to stay clear of restaurants to avoid temptation (we’re looking at you, dessert menu), but that’s not the case!

Here’s three ways you can still enjoy company with friends over a delicious, healthy meal.

Eat! Don’t Skip Meals

We’ve all been there…

You know you have a big dinner coming up, so to “save calories” you skip lunch thinking you won’t feel guilty when you attack the bread basket.Eat throughout the say so that you're not starving when it's time for dinner

And that’s before you even order any food!

Instead of waiting until you’re starving, try eating a light lunch like a chicken salad or vegetable soup.

Then a couple hours later, snack on some plain greek yogurt or an apple with peanut butter to keep your hunger at bay and prevent overeating.

Practice Portion Control

This one goes hand in hand with skipping meals. If you’re starving, then you’re more likely to scarf down your entire plate.

Instead, try eating about 75% of your plate. This should be enough to satisfy your hunger while saving yourself a good chunk of calories.

Plus, you won’t have to unbutton your pants at the table from being overly stuffed.

Swap the Bad with the Good

Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask your server to swap the french fries for veggies or salad. You’ll be surprised how accommodating restaurants can be!

Other tips include asking for brown rice instead of white rice, requesting dressing on the side, choosing pasta dishes with tomato sauce instead of creamy sauces, etc.

Practice portion control when you eat to avoid gaining weight while dining out

Remember, there’s plenty of ways to stay in shape while going out to eat. All it takes is a little bit of research.

Even though it’s important to eat healthy, keep in mind it’s okay to cut loose every once in a while!

As long as you get right back into your routine, one cheat meal won’t hurt.

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