3 Tummy Toners You Can Add to Your Next Workout

You’re dead set on getting that flat tummy, right?

So you need some exercises that will help you get that tummy faster…and then perfect it!

We’ve got you covered:

#1 – Flutter KicksFlutterKicks2

Flutter kicks are great for your abs and – bonus! – they also promote flexibility.

To do flutter kicks, lie flat on your back with your arms tucked to your sides, then raise both legs a few inches off the ground. Keeping your knees straight, make small, tight kicks without touching the ground. Repeat.

#2 – Renegade Rows

This is one of the most hardcore ab exercises out there! Tough to master, but if you can get the hang of it you’ll see amazing results. Also, you’ll need a pair of dumbells.

Start with your dumbbells on the ground, shoulder width apart. Then get down into a pushup position with your hands on the dumbbells and for feet shoulder width apart. Then, with your right arm, pull the dumbbell up to your waist. Bring your right arm down, then repeat the same motion with your left arm. Keep alternating.

#3 – V Ups

V ups work all your abdominal muscles at once – consider them a must!

To do V ups, lie flat on your back with your feet together. Start with your arms straight, flat on the ground, above your head. Then, raise your legs and arms all together and try to have them meet in the air above your body. Lower your limbs, then repeat.

One Last Thing…

Even though you can do all three of these exercises at home, we recommend that you join a boot camp that will help you perfect your form. With any exercise, form is important because it allows you to maximize your fat burn and muscle build.

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