3 Reasons Why Lifestyle Trumps Every Diet Fad

Are you sick of miracle diets and dangerous juice cleanses?

Good. We are too. We like seeing real, long-lasting fitness results. We’re going to explain to you why diet fads fail and good lifestyles win every time.

Reason #1: Quick Fixes Lead to Quick Failures

Here’s the problem with the diet mindset: it’s too short term.

How long does a diet last? A few months? A year maybe? Most diet programs are somewhere in that range on paper and even shorter in practice. Now, how long did it take you to become overweight? Odds are, that took years. Statistically, the bad habits that brought you here probably started when you were only a kid.

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So why should the problem go away with only a temporary fix?

Don’t get us wrong: you can lose the weight quickly, especially with the expert guidance of Fit Body Boot Camp.

But losing the weight is only the first step. Diets are designed to keep you losing the weight, regaining the weight, and coming back for more. Fit Body Boot Camp wants you to stay happy and healthy 24/7.

Reason #2: Lifestyles Create Results

You don’t just want to lose weight; you want to stay in shape. You don’t just want a flat stomach; you want full body strength. You don’t just want to look good; you want to feel good.

All those things you want? Those come from your lifestyle.

Every day, you create yourself through your decisions. Do you snack on potato chips or baby carrots? Do you spend that spare hour watching TV or jogging? These decisions can seem tiny in the moment— none of them are going to instantly make or break your health— but they add up.

The right lifestyle is one that steers you to always take the healthy option.

You want that lifestyle, and you’re going to get it by changing your habits.

Reason #3: Your Environment Shapes Your Habits

When you think about changing habits, the first word to pop into your head is probably “willpower.” Sure, willpower is important, but here’s another word you should think about:


Our environment has a huge impact on our behavior, so start by looking for all the little ways your environment affects you. What sort of food is in the kitchen? Where do you store your workout clothes? How do your friends behave? You’ll find that all these things influence you one way or another.

So make the most of the good influences and get rid of the bad ones.

Junk food in the kitchen? Hide it. Gym shorts hidden in the back of your closet? Lay them right at the foot of your bed. Friends sitting around binging on Netflix? Dare them to keep pace with your killer boot camp results.

These are just a few ideas, but if you think about it you’ll come up with all kinds of useful tweaks to better your lifestyle.

And, of course, keep reading this blog for more great fitness and lifestyle advice!

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