3 Amazing Tips for a Healthy Mindset

Is your mindset part of your fitness plan?

It should be. Your mindset has a huge impact on whether you reach your weight loss goals!

Let’s look at three reasons why.

#1 – What You Think is What You Get

Fitbody BootcampWe know, you’ve heard this idea a hundred times already, it always struck you as a silly superstition. But still, it’s true, and we want to give you a practical explanation why.

It all comes down to two simple but powerful forces: the downward spiral and the upward spiral.

#2 – Negativity Saps Motivation

There’s one thing that all negative emotions have in common. It is the source of everything from procrastination to depression.

It’s called the downward spiral.

It starts with one slip-up. Say, you miss a few days at the gym.

“Oh well,” you think, “Guess I was lazy this week.” A few weeks later, you start missing days again. “No surprise there” you think, “I’m being lazy again.” Then something throws you off track— could be a huge work project or some family drama— and you’ve gone a whole month without the gym. And you’re eating donuts again. “Same as always,” you think, “I’m lazy and I have no self-control. I couldn’t get back on track now if I tried.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s the downward spiral’s dirty secret: it makes you feel like you’re in control even when you’re not. Take another look at our example: see how your inner critic never seems surprised by anything? That’s because your inner critic doesn’t want to recognize your potential; it thinks you’re both safer if you decide to fail ahead of time, because then you won’t risk disappointment.

But at that point, the worst risk has already come true: you’re unhappy and you feel trapped.

#3 – The Power of Positivity

Fitbody BootcampWhat’s the best way to stop the downward spiral?

You counter it with the upward spiral.

The upward spiral starts with a positive statement, like “I know I will shed this weight,” or “I had a really good workout today.”

This is where the power of community comes in, and where boot camp programs like Fit Body Boot Camp can give you dramatic weight loss results!

You can always make a positive statement more powerful by finding someone else who agrees with it. So reach out to your instructor or one of your fellow boot campers!

Say your statement out loud then point out something the other person has accomplished. That way, you both can share the feeling of accomplishment, and you both have a personal stake in supporting each other’s positivity.

Then do it again.

We all enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, but the key to creating an upward spiral is to connect that feeling of accomplishment to positive thoughts and behaviors, and to keep chasing that next rush.

Change is scary, even when it’s for the best, but if you break the journey down into moments of effort and accomplishment it becomes a lot less scary and a lot more fun!

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