056 – Beyond the Scale: A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words

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Genevieve Priest struggled with her weight when she was going through a series of unfortunate events until one day she finally said enough was enough. She is now a proud member of the Fit Body family, and even ran a 5k with her son!


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Here’s what you’ll discover:


2:30 – The events that led Genevieve to gain weight, and how that made her feel

5:00 – How Genevieve spent 4 years hiding from cameras, and how Fit Body Boot Camp helped gain her confidence back

6:59 – Genevieve’s initial feelings towards Fit Body Boot Camp

10:38 – Genevieve’s dream to become an RN, and how Fit Body’s quick 30 minute workouts fit perfect for her busy schedule

17:00 – How Genevieve focuses on what keeps her happy, and how it helps her lose weight


“Keep showing up”

“I don’t like to be told what to do”

“Fit Body pushed me to see how far I had fallen”

“The more you go the more addictive it becomes”

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