035 – How Fitness Can Turn You into the Best Mom EVER

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Priscilla Nouri works out and eats right because she wants to set an example for her daughter. In this episode, Priscilla talks about feeling guilty about eating as a kid and how that affected her weight loss efforts growing up. She also shares how Fit Body Boot Camp coaches and members stick by your side through the toughest moments of your fitness journey. Watch or listen now to learn how to love yourself beyond that number on the scale.


“Set yourself a realistic goal—one that you can meet—and then go from there. And don’t give up…you can do it. Have faith in yourself.”


Here’s what you’ll discover:

6:25 – Why your health and fitness matter to your kids

8:46 – Why the members and coaches at Fit Body Boot Camp become like family to you

10:08 – How fitness gives you the chance to explore more of the world

12:04 – How to channel anger and frustration into workout energy

14:34 – How the right diet can help you naturally stop overeating


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