034 – When a Lap Band Isn’t Enough

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The lap band: fad or fix? In this episode, FBBC client Gina Diaz walks us through her decision to undergo lap band surgery, whether that lap band was enough to keep her healthy long-term, and how Fit Body Boot Camp helped her stay consistent with her fitness. Watch or listen now to discover why Fit Body Boot Camp is the ultimate no-pressure center for life-changing fitness.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


4:24 – How your culture can impact your relationship with food

10:40 – When (if ever) should you opt for bariatric surgery?

13:56 – Why a lap band is NOT a quick fix for getting healthy

18:40 – Why Fit Body workouts aren’t confusing and impersonal like most big box gyms

20:55 – Why Fit Body Boot Camp is ego-free and friendly to newcomers


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