028 – Christian Ramirez – Why Everyone Needs a Coach

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Along his journey to overcome alcoholism and gain self-confidence, Christian Ramirez realized one thing: you can’t do it alone. In this episode, FBBC Coach Christian explains why you’re never too good to hire a coach for yourself. Watch or listen now to learn how to choose the right mentor, and what that can do for your fitness and your overall well-being.


“We can choose to win. We can choose take control over what we can and really make the best out of the situation.”


Here’s what you’ll discover:

5:41 – Can fitness really improve your social skills?

11:54 – How a speech from Arnold Schwarzenegger taught Christian that it’s OK to ask for help.

14:52 – Why your goals come down to the actions you take today.

20:27 – Why the right coach makes a world of difference when you’re trying to get in shape.

24:29 – Can you ever reach a point when you don’t need a coach anymore?


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