027 – Andora Bonilla – How to Schedule Your Life Around Fitness

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How do you find the time to work out? In this episode, Andora Bonilla from Foothill Ranch Fit Body Boot Camp shares why you need to flip your perspective and prioritize your health, even over your career. Watch or listen now to find out why life really begins when you live healthy and expand your horizons.


“It’s not all about a number on the scale. It’s more about how you feel, your energy levels, and the example that you’re setting for others.”


Here’s what you’ll discover:

3:19 – Why your physical fitness is worth more than your career.

5:57 – How to schedule everything in your life around fitness.

7:13 – How Fit Body Boot Camp promotes camaraderie between boot camp members.

10:26 – Why happiness comes from more than just how you look.

12:44 – How fitness gives you the energy to work on your feet all day.


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