025 – Tara Myers – Where There’s a Will, There Are Multiple Ways

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In this episode, behavioral therapist and Placentia FBBC client Tara Myers talks about the psychology behind willpower and fitness. She also explains why change doesn’t come until you’re completely honest with yourself first. Watch or listen now to discover how to stay fit, even when you’re injured, all without putting yourself at further risk for harm.


“Do what’s going to give you results later in the day. That becomes naturally reinforcing.” – Tara Myers


Here’s what you’ll discover:

7:47 – How to use behavioral activation to override lazy feelings.

10:15 – How to pick a massive goal (like hiking Mt. Whitney) that will inspire you to stay fit.

16:59 – Why injury doesn’t necessarily spell doom for your fitness.

17:50 – How being honest with yourself is the first step to changing your life.

24:35 – The strategy that allows Tara to stay on top of her fitness when she’s having a rough week.

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