021 – Steven Briscoe – How to Take Control of Your Self-Image and Self-Confidence

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Fit Body Boot Camp owner Steven Briscoe has struggled with his body image his whole life, which is why he’s so passionate about helping others find self-confidence and create the bodies they want to have. Watch or listen now to discover how you can unlock the confident, happy, healthy version of you that’s waiting to come out.


“Get your stuff together, go out, and do what you love.” – Steven Briscoe


Here’s what you’ll discover:

7:43 – Why 90% of getting someone healthy is finding out WHY they formed unhealthy habits in the first place.

10:09 – Why your body is a reflection of your life, not just your nutrition and workouts.

12:19 – When Steven discovered that he should open his own Fit Body Boot Camp.

18:27 – How Steven creates a welcoming, friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere in his boot camp.

20:37 – What to do for weight loss when you don’t even know where to start.


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