019 – Shawn Stevenson – How to Get the Most out of Your Sleep

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Shawn Stevenson is known worldwide as a leading expert in sleep. On this episode, he explains how the quality of your sleep can increase the amount of body fat you lose. He also answers the age old question: are naps REALLY good for you? Watch or listen now to discover practical ways you can calibrate your body for an amazing night’s sleep.


“The scale can’t tell you how your body composition is changing. The scale can’t tell you how your hormones are getting healthy…it can’t tell you how your clothes are fitting better.” – Shawn Stevenson


Here’s what you’ll discover:


4:58 – Why morning exercise improves the quality of your sleep.

8:43 – The foods that help your body sleep better at night.

18:11 – Why you don’t need 8 hours of sleep to get a full night’s rest.

25:38 – Are power naps good for you?

27:26 – How to balance out the hormones in your body.


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