018 – Vicki Griffin – How Fitness and Relationships Affect Each Other

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A bad relationship drained Vicki of her happiness. Fitness got it back for her. On this episode, Yorba Linda Fit Body Boot Camp member Vicki Griffin explains how your surroundings, including your relationships, shape your ability to get fit. Watch or listen now to discover how losing weight can give you the confidence to be social, and how it can help you embrace your self-worth.


“Life’s a journey, not a destination.” – Vicki Griffin


Here’s what you’ll discover:


5:25 – How a toxic relationship can lead to weight gain.

12:18 – How freedom from negativity allows you to focus on your health even more.

14:59 – Vicky’s advice to anyone interested in trying out Fit Body Boot Camp.

17:57 – How a fitness family can help you break out of your shell.

24:58 – How to balance your cravings with your self-discipline.

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