017 – Steve Weatherford – How to Master the Mindset of a Champion

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Steve Weatherford is a Super Bowl champion—and that’s not even his biggest accomplishment. In this episode, Steve shares how he bounced back from a dark depression using a simple routine—and how you can do the same. He also reveals the secret to shrinking your gut after having a child. Watch or listen now to discover how you can develop a champion’s mindset to make the most out of every day.


“Millions of dollars might make my casket look a little nicer, but it’s not going to put a bigger smile on my face.” – Steve Weatherford


Here’s what you’ll discover:


7:25 – Steve’s daily ritual to center his mind before his day starts.

11:10 – How a wellness routine can fend off depression.

18:38 – How to diet and lose weight after having a child.

25:50 – One thing people can do at home to improve their gut health.

36:47 – How to erase negative self-talk and replace it with positivity.


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