014 – Dora Rodriguez – Believe in Yourself, Believe in the Power of Fitness

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Before transforming her body, Dora Rodriguez was on the brink of getting liposuction and a tummy tuck. Then she joined Fit Body Boot Camp. In this episode, Dora explains how Fit Body can help you determine your “why” to fuel your fitness—just like they did for her. Watch or listen to discover how improving your health overflows to every part of your life.


“Seek people that are where you want to be and are doing what you want to do.” – Dora Rodriguez


Here’s what you’ll discover:


12:42 – How Fit Body’s encouraging culture helps people get results and gain self-belief.

16:09 – How to cultivate a deep hunger for fitness.

22:10 – Why you need to be selfish with your health.

26:40 – How fitness raises your confidence, your energy, and your impact.

29:20 – How to turn your diet into a permanent and healthy lifestyle.


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