013 – How to Fill Your Soul to Fuel Your Fitness

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Lori Harder overcame unfavorable genetics to make it on the cover of health magazines. In this episode, she discusses the importance of filling your soul and learning to love yourself. Watch or listen to learn how to protect your energy from “energy vampires”.


“Energy comes from more things than just food, sleep, water, and exercise. Energy comes from the thoughts you’re thinking, the people you’re around, and the ways that you’re fulfilling yourself.” – Lori Harder


Here’s what you’ll discover:


9:36 – How feeling fulfilled keeps you healthy and happy.

14:20 – How you physically feel when you have a pivotal life moment.

21:34 – How your self-worth affects the type of people you choose to hang out with.

23:10 – How to set boundaries when you have negative friends.

26:18 – Why your energy is the difference between thriving and surviving.


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