012 – Randall Pich – How to Build Do-or-Die Resolve

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Randall Pich escaped the dangerous streets of Long Beach to become a design mogul and bodybuilder. In this episode, Randall shares what it takes to develop mental fortitude. He also explains the payoff you receive when you let nothing get in the way of your fitness goals. Watch or listen to discover how unwavering confidence can help you shake off judgement with ease.


“When you start off in whatever you’re doing, make sure you go in straight and honest.” – Randall Pich


Here’s what you’ll discover:


10:03 – Why you should always budget for your fitness.

11:03 – Why long-term goals keep you accountable for your actions today.

16:51 – How an addiction to progress can fuel your hustle and grind.

22:45 – How empathy helps you deal with haters.

29:32 – How to be headstrong so that judgment doesn’t affect you.


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