008 – How to Achieve Long-Lasting Health

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Josh Carter is a recognized fitness personality and the proud father of two. But before all that, he was overweight, afraid of the gym, and extremely self-conscious. How did Josh come to love fitness? We’ll discuss how positive goals, strong emotions, and healthy habits can help you achieve health and happiness!


“A lot of people don’t understand how bad they feel now until they feel good.” – Josh Carter


Here’s what you’ll discover:


1:08 – Josh opens up about his lifelong battle with the scale.

1:47 – How did that affect his self-image?

2:40 – How Josh went from being afraid of the gym to a fitness lover.

6:00 – The difference you feel when you turn your passion into your career.

9:26 – The power of finding a trainer who’s “been there before”.

13:32 – How does Josh teach his sons about fitness?

15:33 – What should you do when you fall off your diet?

24:43 – Why goals + emotions


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