007 – How to Adopt an Unshakeable Mindset

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When Rob Grupe went to prison, he had two choices. He could either give in or accept his fate and push forward. This week, Rob shared the ups and downs of his amazing story with us. Find out the secret to developing an unshakeable mindset, which will help you overcome anything life throws at you.


“You can’t really appreciate when things are good unless you’ve been through times that are rough.” – Rob Grupe


Here’s what you’ll discover:


0:53 – How did Rob get into fitness?

3:17 – The injury that stripped Rob of his identity and led to a dangerous painkiller addiction.

4:20 – Rob’s arrest and surprising prison sentence.

7:20 – The mindset that helped Rob change his life in prison.

16:00 – Did Rob have support during his stint in prison?

18:58 – What specific steps did Rob take to better his life in prison?

21:47 – Rob’s release, and how he chooses the people he hangs around.

26:40 – Why people fail to succeed.

29:12 – How to listen to your body and work out safely.


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