006 – Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

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For Renee Goldstein, life has been a series of uphill battles with identity. But once he came out as gay and underwent a gender change, he began to feel like the person he was always meant to be. Hear what Renee has to say about embracing yourself and pushing past the fears that keep you from growing.


“If it’s not living authentically, if it’s not being comfortable or doing the things that you want to do, you’re living a muted life.” – Renee Goldstein


Here’s what you’ll discover:


2:35 – Renee explains how his parents’ divorce challenged his emotional resilience—at 7 years old.

8:07 – How music became Renee’s outlet for dealing with stress.

8:47 – Renee’s rollercoaster weight-loss story, from superathlete to overweight to fit again.

12:13 – How society and sports warped his sense of identity, and how he became comfortable in his own skin.

16:59 – The relationship between Renee’s self-esteem and his health.

18:03 – How Renee came out as gay and embraced who he truly was.

23:23 – Renee’s battle with gender identity.

28:07 – How to take the first steps to overcome the fears that hold you back.

32:19 – How the right support system can help you feel comfortable in your own skin.


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