005 – The Key to Overcoming Anything

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There’s nothing you can’t overcome. Just ask Cara Eckerman, who shared her powerful story with us. She’ll show you how gratefulness, perseverance, and loving yourself are the ingredients that, when mixed together, create the perfect mindset for tackling your workouts—and anything else standing in your way.

“Really look deep into yourself and find your “why.” Why do YOU need to be the best version of you? Why do you want to live your best life?” – Cara Eckerman

Here’s what you’ll discover:

1:15 – Cara opens up about her early struggles and why she was in “survival mode” from a young age.
6:04 – How adversity almost broke Cara—from confusion to binge eating.
9:30 – How Cara “put the pieces back together” in her life.
15:19 – The power of perseverance.
17:40 – Cara reveals the secret to feeling empowered.
21:19 – Why you don’t have to suffer in silence.
26:32 – How to become the “boss” of your own body.

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