004 – What You NEED to Know About Hormones

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Ever tried to read up on hormones, only to get confused by all that thyroid and adrenal jibber jabber? We brought in Travis Zipper, a nutrition and hormone specialist, to explain hormones in simple speak. You’ll learn how to maintain healthy hormone levels and feel better than ever before.


“You find purpose in working with people that share your passion for (something), that also want to pay it forward and show and help other people.” – Travis Zipper


Here’s what you’ll discover:


1:28 – Travis talks about his transition from computer science to working in the Vegas nightlife.

5:30 – What is hormone deficiency? Why is Travis so passionate about hormonal health?

9:00 – How do you balance out your hormone levels?

10:40 – How much do prescription drugs affect your hormone levels?

15:03 – Travis and Brittany outline the biggest stressors that can throw off hormones.

15:58 – How your hormones and your diet are related.

22:42 – How YOU can get your hormone levels checked safely.

24:23 – Why there’s no reason to fear calories and carbs when you diet.

25:56 – How Travis and iN3 Nutrition are helping everyday people understand and manage their hormones.


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