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About Ana Williams

Hi! My name is Ana Williams. I am always looking for ways to help others, but never did I think that fitness would be the way I’d help people the most. Fitness and I have had a love/hate relationship since I started playing volleyball in high school. Like most out-of-shape teens, I thought I was really “working out” during these mild practices.

Then, I joined the Army in 2002. What a wake-up call! My fitness levels went up and down throughout my career, but the one thing I noticed was that my health issues would subside when my fitness was at its peak. Also, shopping for clothes was easier and I had more confidence wearing my outfits.

My passion for fitness and helping others really took root while on a tour to Djibouti, Africa in 2013-2014. I volunteered as a core fitness instructor a few days a week and really enjoyed seeing the progress those I worked with (and even I, myself) were making. As the class grew, it made me realize that people really enjoyed short, fun workouts and quick results. Then, in April 2018, I found Fit Body Boot Camp! I decided that it was time to make an even bigger impact through fitness.

Growing up, our house was the family gathering place. There were always people over, so you looked forward to spending time with that crazy bunch. : ) I have tried to carry that openness to community with me wherever I go. On the fitness side, I’m motivated by the people I work out with, as I believe many do. I find that the accountability you receive in a group is a great motivator to keep pushing forward.

This is why I feel very strongly about those two words….community and accountability. They play into Westwood Fit Body Boot Camp’s mantra, “FBBC Power.” Why FBBC Power? Power not only symbolizes strength in ability, but it also signifies strength in confidence and mindset. I want to help my community reframe their perceptions of themselves by providing them that community and accountability.

The Westwood FBBC “Power Team” will strive to bring the Fayetteville community motivation, knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and the Unstoppable Fitness Formula. But above all, we will strive to show love and care to everyone that walks through our doors. With proper guidance and coaching, we can all achieve our goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

We bring you Westwood Fit Body Boot Camp, where we want every member to feel like they’re an integral part of our awesome family. We look forward to walking alongside you on your fitness journey. FBBC Power!

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