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About Priscilla & Nathan Yamasaki

Aloha! We are Nate and Priscilla Yamasaki. Having gone through our own personal health and fitness struggles, we can truly relate to how others feel on either end of their fitness battle-whether they’re unhealthy, unbalanced, and overweight, or they’re healthy, are living a well-balanced lifestyle, and are feeling and looking great.

As a married couple we have both struggled with feeling uncomfortable in our own skin, not content with where our past had taken us. That’s when we both decided to make a change for our health and our future family. It was not easy, but we put in the effort to get on track with our health.

It was after our own transformations that we both decided to invest in our future and in our community; we wanted to share the gift of health and fitness with others. As Fit Body Boot Camp owners, we are grateful to have the opportunity to jumpstart others’ fitness journeys, no matter what level of fitness they’re at or what their personal story is.

We believe that EVERYONE should invest in their physical health in order to live a well-rounded, happy, energetic life. Results, relationships and community are what we value most. Let us give you the best experience of your day and help you become the best version of YOU!

If you are reading this, we believe that something drove you to find us. That you are willing and ready to make a positive health change in your life. That maybe you are not alone in what you are feeling. That we too have been there, and it took getting out of our comfort zone to make a change. Every journey starts with one step.

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