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About Natalia Mifsud and Bill Kemmerer

Hi! We are Natalia Mifsud and Bill Kemmerer. Between us, we have 34 years of experience in the fitness industry. To stay in one industry for so long only means one thing: We are passionate about what we do! Having gone through our own personal health and fitness battles, we truly can relate to how others feel being on either end of the spectrum-being unhealthy, unbalanced, and somewhat overweight, as well as being healthy, living a well-balanced lifestyle and feeling and looking great. What an empowering feeling that is!

As fitness professionals, this is the journey we love to embark on with the members of our community. It doesn’t matter what someone’s fitness level is, what their personal story is, how many hours they work, or what type of family they come from. We believe that absolutely EVERYBODY deserves to invest in themselves physically and mentally in order to live a well-rounded, happy, energetic life-for themselves, as well as for their loved ones.

We will welcome everybody who walks through our doors. They will feel known, heard, remembered, and valued. We’ve seen what people can achieve and we’ve been with them every step of the way. Let us give you the best experience of your day and guide you to become your best “you!”

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