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About James Gaida

Hi, my name is James Gaida.   I am a fat loss expert and the owner of Cochrane Fit Body Boot Camp. I have spent the past 14 years coaching clients in both fitness and nutrition. In that time I have accumulated unparallelled  “in the trenches” experience as well as accumulating numerous professional designations such as: -Certified Turbulence Trainer (CTT) -Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA) -Functional Aging Institute Coach (FAI) -Precision Nutrition Coach (PN1) -Specialist in Performance Nutrition (ISSA) Fitness and nutrition is my life’s work and passion.  I have always had a  love for discovering the very best workouts and nutrition in order to to lose more body fat, increase energy and optimize health. I am not one of those genetically pre-disposed lean, muscular types you see on the covers of fitness magazines. I’m far from it.  In fact, I grew up as a fat/ chubby kid and it wasn’t until my early 20′s that I really discovered the immense impact both fitness and nutrition can have on changing my body. I have even gone through my own body transformation that inspired me to want to help people just like you.  In 2008, while working as a fitness coach, and despite having all of the knowledge of what I needed to be doing, I let myself really slip and get out of shape.   I ballooned up to a very pillowy soft 205 pounds (25 pounds of unwanted weight).  This was a turning point and a moment that changed me.  I quickly used the fat loss techniques  I now teach my clients, in order to get me back to a lean 180 pounds, 6 weeks later.  And most importantly, I was feeling healthier and full of energy. I want the opportunity to teach you how you can use fitness and nutrition to change your body so that you can dramatically change the quality of your life. Let’s work together to help you reach your goals! James Gaida Cochrane Fit Body Boot Camp

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