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About Gina Antonucci

My name is Gina Antonucci. I have had a passion for health and fitness for over half of my life and have specialized in it professionally for over six years. I am a top certified personal trainer and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. Over the past few years I broadened my expertise by learning and getting certified in many “new” styles of fitness such as Bulgarian bag training, ZUU primal movements, and Ankorr resistance training. These styles are exciting new ways to burn calories and achieve fitness goals. I am here to teach you all of my knowledge. My favorite part of being a fitness coach is seeing my clients transform their bodies and, more importantly, their lives.

A little about my past: I started out playing every sport I possibly could including softball, basketball, soccer, and football. As I grew older, my love for softball increased, and I continued playing throughout college until I injured my shoulder. By tearing my Labrum in my shoulder twice and having two surgeries, it ended my sports career. However, it lead me to discover a new found love for personal training. After the surgeries, I realized that what I missed most about playing included both the fitness benefits and team camaraderie that sports provides (oh, and helping the team pull out wins, of course). Becoming a fitness coach fills those missing piece more than I could ever imagine. Being able to teach, coach, and help hundreds of people reach their fitness goals in a “team-like” setting is what I crave each day.

At our St. John’s Bluff Fit Body Boot Camp location, you are almost guaranteed to reach your goals with our Unstoppable Fitness Formula, accountability, customized nutritional plans and knowledge. There isn’t anything holding you back. We will strive to provide you the same results that other Fit Body Boot Camps have provided around the world! Our trainers are here to push, teach and motivate you to be proud of your achievements every time you come in. Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as through they are a part of our team. I look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your fitness goals.

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