With the rising popularity of ‘boot camp’ type workouts, it’s important to sift through the pretenders and find one that stands out. With a long history of providing real results to real people, our fitness classes at Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp provide something more than just promises and hype.

Our workouts bring real life progress to real people just like you. We do fat loss better than anyone, using scientifically backed workout strategies to maximize your progress in half the time.

Our Fitness Classes in Berkley With Superior Afterburn

Our Afterburn method utilizes both High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training in an invigorating 30 minute session that sparks your metabolism and leads to as much as 36 hours of extended progress!

It’s all based on the scientifically proven strategy of making sure some muscles stay active while others rest. This creates the most sustainable path for reliable fat loss and overall body toning.

So many workout models get it all wrong, and waste your time with sessions that last up to an hour. The truth is, when things are done properly, 30 minutes is all you need. You get to enjoy the benefits of the best possible exercise while saving yourself time. Plus, our workouts are also designed to ramp up your energy, so you’ll always walk out of our gym feeling more alive and ready to take on your day.

With early morning and evening sessions available, it doesn’t get any more convenient than our powerful Afterburn workouts.

Rewarding Group Fitness Classes at Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp

We provide a clean, safe, and welcoming indoor space that our members from Royal Oak, Huntington Woods, Beverly Hills, and Berkley have turned into a second home. As part of our team, you’ll experience the benefits of outside accountability and a fun, supportive workout atmosphere with friendly peers.

Leading it all is our team of certified fitness coaches who support you in and out of the gym. They go beyond the scope of traditional fitness coaching and remain available throughout the week to answer your questions via e-mail or Facebook. With their passionate expertise and caring instruction, you’ll get all the advice and knowledge you need to build a well-rounded healthy life. Of course, diet is a huge factor in this equation, which is why we also provide you with expert nutritional coaching.

So join our fitness classes at Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp for great workouts and total expert guidance from trained professionals. Keep reading for more info and join us today!

Afterburn: Twice The Workout In Half The Time

Our signature Afterburn workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Active Rest Training to produce 30 minute workouts that burn twice the calories in half the time and keep the metabolism running at a higher rate for up to 36 hours post workout.

Compare our 30-minute sessions to other fitness classes, which typically last 45 minutes to an hour. With our Afterburn workouts, you don’t need to choose between results and convenience -- you can have both!

Research shows that shorter, more intense fitness classes (HIIT) and workouts that activate one set of muscles while others rest (Active Rest) lead to faster and more sustainable weight loss. It turns out, what’s best for your schedule is also best for your health.

Best of all, our 30-minute sessions are scheduled throughout the morning and evening to fit your schedule!

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While many fitness classes operate outdoors, we recognized early on that this leaves your workout open to way too many interruptions. An outdoor fitness class can be shut down at any moment by anything from bad weather to city restrictions on public spaces.

When we took the boot camp fitness class indoors, we took it one step further. We realized we had an opportunity to create a welcoming space and community -- a home away from home.

We recognize the courage it takes to commit to a fitness journey. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining a trendy, clean, modern space where you can bond with others on that same journey.

When you walk into a Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ll recognize in an instant that it’s more than just a fitness class. It’s a place where we recognize and celebrate each other’s victories. It’s a place where we donate to the causes that matter most to us.

It’s YOUR place to meet positive, like-minded people who will hold you accountable to your dreams and motivate you every step of the way.

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Group Fitness Classes: Get Results, Save Money

Our group fitness classes began with one simple question: How could we make the powerful results of 1-on-1 personal training available to more people?

The answer: provide the benefits of 1-on-1 training by keeping the same high quality while splitting the cost among 20-30 people per session. The key to that is our certified fitness coaches -- who are basically the ultimate version of personal trainers.

They go beyond the basics of instructing a fitness class -- they provide the personal accountability you need to reach the body of your dreams and keep it for good.

personal accountability


Our fitness coaches are experts at creating weight loss results and keeping you safe and motivated both on the floor and off the floor. They don’t stop at correcting form and demonstrating exercises -- they get to know you.

They learn your unique strengths, challenges, goals, and desires. They help tailor YOUR fitness classes to your own lifestyle and needs. Even when you leave boot camp, they’re available through email and Facebook to provide healthy tips and inspiration.

Our fitness coaches strive to make every boot camp session the best 30 minutes of your day -- and they also recognize that the other 23 ½ hours of your day still count! That’s why they’ll even check in outside of boot camp to help you stay on track with your diet and healthy lifestyle.

indoor bootcamp


When you first walk into a Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ll notice right away that it’s a completely different set up than any other gym or fitness class. There’s no confusing heavy equipment. In fact, there’s not even any equipment that plugs into the wall.

All you see is simple, safe equipment that anyone can use. With the expert guidance of our fitness coaches, that’s all you need for a challenging, fat-torching workout!

See, our workouts are built around bodyweight and resistance training, and specifically tailored to be “Low Risk, High Reward.” Unlike other fitness classes that borrow effective, but potentially dangerous exercises from pro athletes and bodybuilders, we keep things simple and safe.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we do one thing and we do it better than anyone else: we deliver weight loss results. There are no gimmicks -- just our science-backed Afterburn workouts lead by passionate fitness coaches committed to your success!

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