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My name is Barrett Henson, fitness professional and certified personal trainer. Like many kids I grew up playing sports; lots of them… and over time, I became fairly skilled. I was fortunate enough to play the sports I love most (baseball and football) for four years at Albion College. During my time as an athlete, I acquired multiple exercise, training & nutritional strategies. Little did I realize then, that those years of exposure would impact my life so dramatically… You see, since then, I’ve endured not one, but five surgeries (2 back, 2 shoulder, 1 hand). Amidst those setbacks I had to alter what I knew to stay active and in shape. I’m not going to lie, there were challenging times, but two very clear things emerged: 1. I found ways to tailor my goals WITH limitations; I just couldn’t do the things I used to do (how many of you can say the same). 2. I realized just how passionate I am about this stuff (you will experience this first-hand when we meet AND train together). The balancing act between family, work, friends and fitness can be challenging; and let’s face it, spending time at the gym is usually the first thing we sacrifice. Missing a few weeks or months (or even years), can discourage us into thinking things are hopeless. They’re not. The FBBC HIIT methodology provides a full-body mix of cardio, resistance, and strength training to give you the ultimate metabolism-boosting, fat-burning, workout punch in 30 minutes. Whether you haven’t exercised since high school gym class, or are training for an Ironman competition, the FBBC HIIT has proven successful for all training levels. Through my individual athletic journey, fitness training certification, and FBBC training, I’ve garnered the experience that will help you reach your personal goals. Happiness is a choice. Healthy living is a choice. 30 minutes is a choice. Make the choice, and call us at Berkley Fit Body Boot Camp!!!

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