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About John Crowe

My name is John Crowe, I have had a life long passion for fitness and have been weight training since the age of 14 and entered my first body building competition at the age 18. I continue to compete in bodybuilding competitions on the National level at the age of 52 and have placed in the top 5 twice, most recently 5th in 2020. I enjoy how incorporating a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise makes me feel. Inspiring and coaching others is something I have always done because it is my “passion.” I look forward to helping many others a Fit Body boot Camp owner as it is now my “profession!”

As a U.S. Army officer and ICU nurse I saw first hand the medical consequences of obesity and the chronic diseases associated with it like diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney disease. In my 20 year career in pharmaceutical sales I sold a number of different drugs designed to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. While all these pharmaceutical agents serve a very important purpose, lifestyle modification such as weight loss, better eating habits and regular exercise can surpass the results of taking drugs and in some cases can help eliminate the need for their use. I want to motivate, inspire and guide people in El Paso in reaching and surpassing their individual health and fitness goals.

The Fit Body Boot Camp provides a very effective 30 minute HIIT training session that elevates the metabolism both during the training session as well after burn effect experienced for hours after which causes even more calories to be burned post exercise. 3-4 sessions per week coupled with dietary modifications can help you get the results you want. Our outstanding coaching staff will help guide and motivate you to stick with your program. Myself, the other coaches and clients will create an atmosphere that is very friendly, supportive and challenging that feels like “family!”

Start your fitness journey today by trying a free week training sessions on us. Try before you buy, and then make a short 28 day commitment to a healthier you. Hopefully that 28 day commitment is only the beginning. We will always be here for you and your family, friends and the El Paso community.

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