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About Our Personal Training Center In Frisco, TX

About Fit Body Boot Camp Frisco, TX

We Are America’s Favorite 30-Minute Fat Loss Fitness Boot Camp

We are Fit Body Boot Camp: the popular international personal training center franchise. We specialize in 30-minute weight loss boot camps that challenge the body and deliver results in a positive, supportive atmosphere.


Our Mission

Inspiring Fitness & Changing Lives Every Day

At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, high-energy sessions focused on weight loss & body toning. At its core, we deliver personal training in a group setting.


About Our Franchise Owners: Jennifer & John Crane

As Midwesterners, my husband and I grew up on a consistent diet of deep-dish pizza, chips, pop, and homemade peanut butter and chocolate buckeyes. Through our teenage years, we were athletes always on the go, and staying fit wasn’t an issue. And we definitely weren’t aware that too much of these foods could cause problems later in life. But add on 2 decades, full-time jobs, 2 children, and a slower metabolism – there never seems to be enough time!

John and I met in high school where I was on the rowing and volleyball teams. At first, I hated the wall sits, group runs, and erg tests, but I quickly began to LOVE how I felt afterward! John ran track and played basketball, so running a few miles a day quickly became his favorite hobby. High school sports are where we started learning about endurance, building muscle, and carrying ourselves with confidence. The more we worked out, the more we loved it!

Like most, adulting in our 20s was a balancing act! Unfortunately, our active lifestyles seemed to go by the wayside to make room for other obligations. Considering that we never changed our Midwest eating habits, the pounds started accumulating. During this time we learned of John’s family history of high blood pressure and strokes, and when his dad was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes John knew he had to make some changes. Even though I was teaching yoga and spin classes, approaching 30 had me searching for something that would put my health first and allow me to be around long-term for my family. I found an online fitness forum and signed up to be a Coach. Looking back, this was our turning point. John and Ihad decided it was time to put ourselves and our health first! We made a commitment to stay active and eat more nutritious, whole foods. Were we perfect? Nope! But continuing to educate ourselves and sharing our knowledge with others would become an important part of who we were.

welcome all fitness level

Working as an elementary teacher for Frisco ISD allowed me to continue my desire to help others, but I knew my passion was really in health and fitness. As John and I enter our 40s, we understand that time, energy, and motivation are limited. But we’ve also learned that taking care of ourselves FIRST allows us to have a fuller cup when it comes to caring for others! Now, our family wants to help others learn how to be healthy and love fitness as much as we do! We want to be the support that our community needs to get moving. This is why we are bringing Fit Body Boot Camp to Frisco!! Our studio is for all fitness levels, and we want every member to feel as though they are a part of our family – the FBBC Family! John and I look forward to getting to know you and learning how we can support your journey to a more fulfilling, and healthier life.

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