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About Our Personal Training Center In Fredericksburg, VA

About Fit Body Boot Camp Fredericksburg, VA

We Are America’s Favorite 30-Minute Fat Loss Fitness Boot Camp

We are Fit Body Boot Camp: the popular international personal training center franchise. We specialize in 30-minute weight loss boot camps that challenge the body and deliver results in a positive, supportive atmosphere.


Our Mission

Inspiring Fitness & Changing Lives Every Day

At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, high-energy sessions focused on weight loss & body toning. At its core, we deliver personal training in a group setting.

About Our Franchise Owner: Robyn Kay Lee

Hi! My name is Robyn Kay Lee. I grew up in Iowa, amid cornfields and gravel roads! During my school age years, I was always in sports and started my love for running at a young age and have been a lifelong runner since. I knew early on; my life would be dedicated to helping others. I decided to become a nurse right out of high school and have been a practicing, licensed RN for over 35+years. I went on to get my master’s degree in nursing and later my nurse practitioner certification. I love helping people become healthy and feel at their best physically and mentally. I got my NASM certified personal training certification and love learning how to coach others. I have raised three awesome children, that mean the world to me, and I have not forgotten the struggles of being a mom and making time for yourself. I had to move a lot as a young adult mom, so stress, life trials, later single motherhood, and trying to work, plus achieve my own goals was a challenge.

I’ve always had to really watch my weight, be cautious on my diet and when I start to gain weight, I know how that negatively affects me. Anxiety and depression can get me easily when I start ignoring exercise, nutrition and my health. Now aging is another uphill battle, ugh!

Running and ANYTHING FITNESS is my escape, my cure and has ALWAYS been my passion. The endorphins you receive from exercise are so beneficial. I love how I feel when I’m focused on that, but it is not easy and not easy alone. I have wanted to transition to the fitness industry for a while now. I attended one of my children’s sporting events many years ago, and visited a Fit Body to work out while I was there, and I really enjoyed the 30-minute HIIT format and the people. More recently, I saw a Fit Body Boot Camp ownership ad, that started the dream wheel thinking, made a call and here we are (well not quite that quick 😊).

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We are in this life journey together called health. It is the number one thing that matters above all else and no matter what we have or what our situations are, no matter your fitness level, exercise and better nutrition are always going to benefit you in some way! It’s an investment, not an expense.

Fit Body Boot Camp aligns with my values. There is no judgment, and it is for all fitness levels and people. We truly care about helping people be at their optimal best and see results. The community and family are unmatched. It has changed my life for the better, by getting excited about helping you change yours! 😊

I look forward to meeting and getting to know each and every one of you along your FBBC fitness journey.

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