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About Our Personal Training Center In Canton Township, MI

About Fit Body Boot Camp Canton Township, MI

We Are America’s Favorite 30-Minute Fat Loss Fitness Boot Camp

We are Fit Body Boot Camp: the popular international personal training center franchise. We specialize in 30-minute weight loss boot camps that challenge the body and deliver results in a positive, supportive atmosphere.


Our Mission

Inspiring Fitness & Changing Lives Every Day

At Fit Body Boot Camp, our fitness classes are not “classes” in the traditional sense, but results-driven, high-energy sessions focused on weight loss & body toning. At its core, we deliver personal training in a group setting.


About Our Franchise Owner: Micah Reum

Hi everyone! My name is Micah Reum. I have been passionate about fitness for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to read sports magazines in search of workouts that professional athletes posted so I could try them at home. I loved challenging myself to reach new heights when it came to working out.

That childhood passion turned into an adulthood lifestyle. I’ve learned that most people do not look at working out as an enjoyable hobby the way I do. So, it became my goal to find ways to make health and fitness enjoyable for everyone. Any fitness level, any age group, any personality type should be able to enjoy the journey of living a healthy life and experience the amazing benefits that come with it.

Though I believe most people agree with me that we should live a healthy lifestyle, not everyone knows how to bring that belief into reality. When I was in high school, I watched my father attempt to lose weight by going to the gym after work and spending an hour doing different types of cardio each day. He burned a lot of calories each time, but the weight wasn’t coming off. He has since passed away, but I remember him being so discouraged, and I wished I could do something to help him. At the time, I didn’t have the knowledge necessary. That story, along with many more experiences since then, motivated me to learn how to help people get the results that they’re willing to work for.

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Canton Fit Body Boot Camp is designed to help bring the fullness to your life that you deserve. We are here to help you actually get results from the time and effort you commit to losing weight, gaining muscle, or any other fitness goal that you have. Our workouts are designed to fit all fitness levels. The workouts, combined with nutrition and expert coaching, will get you the physical results you are looking for.

But we are so much more than just a physical results gym. We are a community. And whether you are inside of the studio or not, you are part of a family who cares about your success in all areas of health. Let’s enjoy the journey together.

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