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About James And Elizabeth Swift

Welcome to Fit Body Boot Camp Rancho Cordova!! Our names are James and Elizabeth Swift, and we are so proud and excited to be able to bring Fit Body Boot Camp to a community we absolutely LOVE! We have been part of this community since 1989, while owning a residence since 2009, and feel its our duty to try and make this community the best it can be. In order to see our VISION through, we know we have to start with our people, not just the residents, but anyone that does business here as well.

We’ve always learned that there is a positive correlation between how we feel, how we perceive ourselves, our general health and our personal and business lives. When we feel good, we treat those around us much better (and more often) than when we don’t. Positive interactions translate into ripples of positive experiences. We want to help our Rancho Cordova Family experience as many of these positive experiences as they possibly can in as many years as they can. By providing our clients with a fun exercise program they can use to incorporate exercise education, nutrition advice, mindset help, and ALOT OF LOVE, they will feel better about themselves, physically and mentally. This will make each individual better, thus making our COMMUNITY the best it can be. We will compete to be THE BEST PART OF YOUR DAY.

We have been active for most of our lives and we want to share the joy we find in it with as many people as possible. I enjoy sports of all kinds, whether it be martial arts, basketball, baseball, racquetball, Spartans, mud runs, etc. If it involves competition and physicality, I’m always game. Having trained in martial arts for years, as well as having trained to play racquetball professionally (Yes, there is such a thing), I built the basis for my education in exercise, training, and nutrition. I spent many professional years helping educate individuals about financial planning and investments. I soon learned that while my clients were healthy in the bank, they couldn’t enjoy the wealth they had accumulated. They had invested all this wealth into their investment portfolios and none into their HEALTH PORTFOLIOS. At this point, I knew I wasn’t helping people in a way that fulfilled me.

Elizabeth is a dancer-if she could dance all day, she would. Whether it’s ballet, hip hop, or something in between, she loves to feel her music through dance. Elizabeth’s drive for resistance training started a few years after having our last child. She gained some “baby weight” and would always reminisce about the days when she was a size 0. It took some convincing to get her to work out with me because she said she didn’t want to “look like a man,” which I can appreciate. =) After a few years of asking, she finally joined me in the gym, and now, a few more years later, she is enjoying her own fitness journey. She can’t stop talking about her new workouts, the encouragement she offers others to work out, what she’s eating (thats not new), the things she wants to accomplish next, and her personal victories. Now that she has experienced the wonders of boot camp and resistance training, she wants to share the experience and workout with all of you.

This is how Fit Body Boot Camp Rancho Cordova became an idea and a reality. Fit Body Boot Camp shares our visions of inspiring happiness, instilling confidence, staying driven, and cultivating culture. We will strive to replicate the success that many other Fit Body owners have had in making their communities the best they can be. Our studio is for all fitness levels, from beginner to advanced, and we want all of our members to feel as though they are a part of our family. We look forward to you joining our Fit Body Family!!

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