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About Gabriel Seifu

My name is Gabe Seifu. I have always stayed active for most of my younger life. I played tennis and any sports imaginable. If I did not sweat, I felt different. I learned at an early age that if you do not take care of your mind and body, you will not be able to function at your optimal level both physically and mentally. However, as I was getting older, I started having time constraints and other factors that disabled me to pursue an active lifestyle.

As a result, soon after graduate school, I joined a traditional gym like most others and started working out. I was back in the groove; sweating and feeling confident again. Several years went on where I worked out three to four times a week. But as soon as I got into my late thirties, I started to gain weight and felt no motivation. As a paying member of a local gym, I approached the front office and asked for advice. I thought I was somewhat fit, energetic, and committed so I was sure that my gym had a solution to make working out a priority in my life. To my dismay, I was simply recommended to a personal trainer that I was not able to afford. Soon after that, I canceled my membership and looked to the internet for answers.

The first workout regimen I tried was P-90X. I did it for a little over six months, but had to stop. It was a great overall total body program, but I was easily distracted at home due home responsibilities and injuries(due to poor techniques and forms). My priority and motivation for living a healthy lifestyle started to decrease. In addition to the overall stress of life, I was eating whatever I wanted. After a hard talk with my physician of over 20 years and also becoming a father of two great boys, I knew it was time to not only be active again, but look at my overall mental and physical health.

So in 2016 my fitness journey started with my wife and I joining a local Fit Body Boot camp. I was first a little skeptical about the thirty minutes workout program. But after a couple workouts, the coaches showed me proper form and technique and where I was able to modify the workouts to get the same results. In addition, I was provided a meal plan to follow. I felt a connection with other members that was going through the same thing. I looked forward to not only working out, but also hearing about other people’s journey, obstacles, and triumph.and share my own. My motivation was back and plus it was ONLY thirty minutes. Fit Body BootCamp checked all of the boxes.

Forward two years, I learned so much from my Fit Body family and owner, my wife and I decided to open up our own Fit Body Boot Camp. We hope to share our own personal fitness struggles and create programs that will fit everyone’s needs regardless of fitness levels. But most importantly we will strive to improve our members’ overall wellness of body and mind. We hope you join our community where we simply do not provide you access, but rather personally tailored overall healthy positive outcomes.

Thanks Gabe and Nina

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