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About Kyle Blust

Hey, let me just start off by saying, “I get it”.

I have been training for over twenty years (as well as being a Licensed Massage Therapist), so I have seen it all and have heard all the excuses.

I get that you don’t have much time, I get that you try over and over again with little to no results, I get that exercise isn’t fun for you. Don’t worry, I am here to help by telling you that EFFICIENCY is the key to fitness success. I see so many people wasting so much time in the gym (or during their workouts anywhere) because they are simply doing things incorrectly. It’s not that they are doing the wrong exercises, but it is HOW they are doing them.

I will coach you through HOW to get the most out of every minute of your workout.

Again, don’t worry, I am not even close to being a drill sergeant, so no in-your-face screaming here. Just some fun motivation is all. You will actually learn that we can have fun while achieving results, and still have time for life’s adventures!!

Committed to Your Fitness Success

– Kyle Blust

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