Fitbody Boot Camp About Owner

About Steven Hadley

Along with my team, I’ve been serving the Eastern Shore for over 5 years now, longer than any other small group training program. Our goal is to help you get results, build relationships, and give back to our community.

You will not find a more dedicated, educated, or passionate team to help you reach your fitness goals. Daphne FBBC is the highest rated gym on Google and Facebook for a reason: we’ve helped over 2,500 people on the Eastern Shore, boasting a goal of helping this community lose 10,000 lbs. and 10,000 inches by the year 2020!

We’re mission-minded and look forward to serving and helping you in any way possible!

Our Core Values

  1. Be “we” not “me”
  2. NO gossip
  3. Constantly strive to learn and improve
  4. Operate on biblically-based principles
  5. Be disciplined
  6. Integrity matters

Frequently Asked Questions

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